Product Development

Do you need a new product, an improved design, an updated design – we generate ideas, develop concepts, and perform testing to accelerate market introduction?

Napkin sketches are welcome! We will use your ideas along with your company’s identity to develop products that fit you and your end-users needs. We can turn your branding ideas into tangible products. At Polyhistor we not only consider form, fit, and function, but also color, shape, feel, and texture.

Our main design tool is SolidWorks, which is the leading software for 3D CAD and mechanical design. We always use the latest versions of our software. We employ industry best-practices, proven methodologies, and cutting-edge technology to keep our projects future-proof and scalable.

Our typical design process…

  • • Idea
  • • Sketch
  • • CAD model
  • • Prototype
  • • Low Rate Initial Production
  • • Production

Our experience includes, but are not limited to the following industries:

  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Automotive Products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Medical Products
  • Lighting Products
  • Signage (Fiber Optic and LED)
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Prototype, Low Rate Initial Production, and Production

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